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Tv Aerial Repair & Upgrades

Need a new Tv Aerial ? Fancy receiving 100+ television channels for free? You can with freeview Tv - all you need is the correct aerial and a tv with the ability to pick up freeview digital signals, this can be achieved in tandem with a standalone freeview box or modern television.

99% of Tv's sold over the past 10 years now have integrated freeview tuners built in, freeview masts are scattered out accross the provence, the 2 closest broadcasts to Belfast City being Divis Mountain and Carnmoney Hill. With our digital fine tuning kit, we can ensure your new or existing aerial connects to the strongest mast. Guaranteeing you get razor sharp HD picture, with excellent quality audio.

"Depending upon where you live we can even place aerials inside the loft saving on any roof climbing and saving you money in the process".

tv aerial installers belfast


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*Repairs & Upgrades Policy

Please note we will only sell you a new aerial if you need one, if your existing setup can be repaired or upgraded we will always endeavour to save you money, protecting the planet from excess electronic waste in the process.

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RTE Aerial Installation - Saorview

RTE Tv offers some great content for free that you would otherwise need to pay for, from sports to movies and great Tv shows. We have been installing RTE to homes and caravans for over 20 years.

Although today most people can watch RTE via an app and on demand either upon a smart tv or tablet type devices, this may not always be the case for rural properties with limited connectivity and lack of broadband infrastruture - In some cases depending on your rural location the RTE aerials may not work, in this instance we can take a satellite installation approach.

"We can get you setup with the best option ensuring your watching RTE with the family in no time, chat with us today".

*Frequently Asked Questions

Depending on the type of aerial needed, it can range anywhere from £50 to £300. This all depends really on the signal strength available in your location, the weaker the signal, the BIGGER the TV aerial that will be required.

In most cases, we can get away with loft aerials in the city and offer different makes and models, which have different price points.

*Please note: 'We use the latest aerial technology and tried and tested Tv aerials from established manufacturers, as we fully guarantee all aerial installations'.

Yes, we offer a standard 12 month warranty on all parts fitted and supplied by us.

However, if you have a fault outside of this time - 2 - 3 years we will probably fix it for free, because thats just how we work - you only need to look over the reviews of past customers.

This could mean you have an older tv aerial not designed for picking up digital broadcasts or a fault.

*We can repair most modern aerials & even upgrade older ones, internal & external tv aerials.

In short YES, most modern Tv's come with freeview boxes built in. However, you will still need a receiver, tv aerial-antenna to catch the signal-broadcast of freeview.

Yes digital aerials have taken over the older Analog aerials, the digital switchover happended back in 2014.

We carry kits which can turn most older tv aerials into a digital receiving power houses, which can save you money £.

No most new smart tv's come with freeview boxes built in, however you will still need a tv antenna-aerial to pickup any broadcasted live channels.

No the tv aerials we use catch radio wave signals from the air - digital broadcasts - which then transmit & run down a specialist coaxial cable and into your Tv.

External aerials will always be best, as they are outside and normally placed at the highest point on the property.

However, we use high powered aerials which work well inside the loft. Internal aerials can be just as effective depending your location, the closer you live to the broadcasting masts the better.

Yes you can, you will need to do so via Wifi or ethernet cable and have a smart tv, ideally you will also need to have fast broadband.

Otherwise this can slow down other connected devices and in some cases give a bad tv viewing experience with a delayed picture or sound.

With an aerial all you need is your Tv, both solutions offer advantages - ideally having both options is best. As you will always have a back up should broadband crash, which happens.

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